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New York musicians Mitch Thylacine (lead guitar) Mark Vasquez (bass) Butch Tyler (drums) and Vic Barron (vocals) hit the booming metal scene in 1986 with a dungeon style stage-show to visually compliment with their unique sound, separating them from other bands of the time...pounding out numbers like "SCREAM IN THE NIGHT" and "THE MARAUDER".
By 1987 their self titled debut album was distributed worldwide by Important Records.
On their next recording session Thylacine ( the band's song writer ) branched out into lead vocal on the track "Vampire" and in 1988 after booting Barron from the band, ultimately took over vocals completely and recorded 1989's "Restless Is The Witch" EP.
RITW also featured Joe Coffey on guitar and Jeff Tull on bass.
For their follow up full length studio album KILLEN worked with producer Carl Canedy (The Rods , Anthrax, Overkill) 1990 the music scene had changed. Grunge was in fashion and while the band searched for a label the record remained un-released.
While KILLEN never "broke up" its band members slowly drifted apart to pursue personal interests. Thylacine continued to write and perform in various projects.